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August 11, 2021

What is hi dollar

In May 18, 2021, we posted anarticletalk about the hi dollar. In that day the hi dollar price is0.1450USD.

In Aug 1, 2021, hi dollar has launched. The token contract address is0xC4f6E93AEDdc11dc22268488465bAbcAF09399aC.

But today, the hi dollar price is around0.67USD, it’s about 3 times much than before, andstill have greater potential for growth!

You can now register hi-dollar account, claim2.5hi-dollar with answer a simple question everyday.

The official promised all hi dollar earned from👋 Claim Daily Rewardandinvitewill be able to withdraw to your wallet after 1 year, also can sell them on uniswap.

Register hi-dollar account on official websitehere.

People buy/sell hi dollar on uniswap
People buy/sell hi dollar on uniswap

How much hi dollar was I earned

Since May, I’ve been claim880hi dollar, it’s about582USD.


hi dollar users are grwing steadily, we can still looking forwawrd on it.

If you are instered on it, try register an accounthere, you can use your phone number, telegram, instagram, whatsapp to register it.

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