(Out-dated) DogeLab.cash free DogeCoin Mining Platform

Free DogeCoin Mining Platform, maybe is the No.1 for free.


July 19, 2021

We notice thedogelab.cashserverIS DOWN, so we mark this article is out-dated.

Dear allAotuNotereaders. I’m Joe. Thanks to the webmaster to let me share this article.

Today I am gonna share you aFREEway to earn dogecoin.

How to do

Open thismining platform, input you dogecoin address then press enter. Easy as 123.

NOTE: when you entered your address which means is started mining, you can close the browser tab, they will still mining on their cloud server. So you can comeback after couple days to see your dashboard.

In Dashboard

When you enter your dogecoin address, you will into your dashboard page, will looks like the below 👇 image.


The official says0.1dogecoin per day. But I got0.0033in 30 minutes, so is about0.14dogecoin per day.

Withdraw at least12dogecoin, but you can do referral, it will earn dogecoin more faster.

Free to earn dogecoin NOW 🙌

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