hi Dollars: Member-only, Non-profit Crypto Currency

what is hi dollars, how to get hi dollars


May 18, 2021


hi Dollars is a member-only non-profit crypto currency.


  1. Open the link to register:https://hi.com/evillt, then jump to Telegram to register.
  2. Select language, English or whatever you prefered.
  3. Click share contacts(keep read for privacy protection).
  4. Set a nickname(letter and number).
  5. Answer a question you will get 25 hi dollars.

Repeat step 5 every day.

About privacy protection(Important)

Share contacts will send your register phone number to the hi bot.

This act may send 2 styles contacts to the hi bot:

  1. Telegram contacts
  2. System contacts

So I advice you to do these for privacy protection:

  1. Use secondary phone number to register.
  2. Disallow Telegram to read your system contacts.

Your privacy is important, your friends/contacts privacy also important.


hi Dollars Pre-sale 🙌. Current price is0.1450 USD.

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