(Updated) How to mine Dogecoin on macOS, unMineable for mac

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May 17, 2021

You should know abouthttps://unmineable.comat first.

GOOD NEWS! I developed an App that let you can mine cryptocurrency on macOS with ease. Check this out:macMineable


Dogecoin now is more and more popular. It seems to be endless possibilities in the future.

So in this article/tutorial I will teach you How to mine Dogecoin on macOS for share, discuss and learn. My device is MacBook Pro 2015.

Notice: this tutorial may including program knowledge, but according to the steps, it should be a success. You can comment if you don’t understand, I will explain.

Success mining screenshot

Download the XMRig miner

https://xmrig.com/downloadDownload the correct version. In my case, I choose theIntelversion.

Download XMRig
Download XMRig

Unzip the downloaded tar.gz file, you’ll get the miner software.

Unzip tar.gz
Unzip tar.gz


Start mining

Open Terminal App, then enter the XMRig miner folder.


Enter XMRig folder
Enter XMRig folder

Your mining environment is ready! Copy the command below and paste to the terminal then press enter(Note the values that need to be replaced at first).

./xmrig -o rx.unmineable.com:3333 -a rx -k -u DOGE:yourwalletaddress.workername(whatever)#8jjv-jipu

The correct example looks like this:

./xmrig -o rx.unmineable.com:3333 -a rx -k -u DOGE:A2X5K6X4NgYdRvoLkqqp4mptDtcJ88JU1r.mac#8jjv-jipu

Keep the code#8jjv-jipucan reduce the fee to0.75%. Note there is nospacebefore#8jjv-jipubecause it is not an argument.

Stop mining

Presscontrol+Cin the terminal.

Continue mining

Justredothe Start mining step.

Notice(Recommended to read)

How to verify if I am online in unmineable

Openhttps://unmineable.com/coins/DOGE/address, then input your wallet address and search, scroll to the bottom and you will get a chart like this.

How to withdraw

Open the link above, clickPay now.

How to reduce CPU usage

Add a parameter--cpu-max-threads-hint=50to the start mining command.

./xmrig -o rx.unmineable.com:3333 --cpu-max-threads-hint=50 -a rx -k -u DOGE:A2X5K6X4NgYdRvoLkqqp4mptDtcJ88JU1r.mac#8jjv-jipu

You can adjust the value of CPU usage percentage, but there is base on your CPU cores.

Which means is:
If CPU is dual cores: only50and100are supported.
If CPU is quad cores: only25,50,75and100are supported.

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