(Updated) unMineable: Full Funtionality Mining Software, Mine Dogecoin on Windows

unmineable for mac, how to mine dogecoin using unmineable


May 18, 2021


unMineable is a full functionality mining cryptocurrency software, it supports over 40 types of cryptocurrency mining, including bitcoin, litecoin, monerocoin, dogecoin and so on.


unMineable now only supports 64-bit Windows.

macOS user can readthis articleto learn how to mine cryptocurrency.


Openthis page, then click theleft-sidegreen button to download.

If the click redirects to the home page, you can try to click the right-mouse-button then choose “open in new tab”.

Steps(Example for dogecoin)

Decompress the zip file and run unMineable.exe. Clickcontinueto the next step.

Select GPU or CPU to mine. For example, I select CPU and didn’t modify the Miner Location. Then click the next button.

Select dogecoin first. Input your wallet address and input8jjv-jipuas referral code, referral code will reduce the mining fee to0.75%, origin fee is1%. Then click the start button.

On this page is means you are already start mining. Wait a moment will display theHashrate.

Old version of unMineable but with the same mean
Old version of unMineable but with the same mean

Withdraw Dogecoin

Click theStatsbutton will open a web page.

Click the Pay now button. But as least you had mine 30 dogecoins.

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